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About Us

Kris Tuttle, head of research and chief investment officer, manages Blue Caterpillar LLC. We also provide online data and market analysis services to corporations and institutions.

Kris Tuttle has a background in IT starting in 1979 when he designed, built, and repaired microcomputers at the Computer Mart of New Jersey in Iselin. He developed assembly language software for 8080 and 6502 systems before heading to college at Carnegie Mellon, where he developed commercial and military applications using AI in the form of production systems using the OPS programming language developed by Charles “Lanny” Forgy. Professor John McDermott was our mentor and overseer.

After graduating in 1984, Kris joined IBM with the vague title of “technical resource” and ultimately helped lead IBM into the commercial AI space in 1986. These systems grew rapidly to generate over $1B in business for IBM in 1988. Cue “AI Winter” music. After selling advanced systems to banks and brokerages for a few years, with nights and weekends spent getting an MBA in Finance from NYU Stern, it was time to shift to “Wall Street.” After learning the ropes of trading and sales at S.G. Warburg, he joined SoundView Technology Group as an analyst in 1995. Technology enjoyed rapid adoption, and his expertise proved invaluable to investors wanting to own the right “infrastructure” for the new economy. He “retired” from the industry in 2004 after running research at SoundView and Adams, Harkness (now Canaccord Genuity.)

Since then, it’s been about the joy of research, investing, and advising – driven by the winds of change rather than legal and compliance.

Refer to my LinkedIn page for a more “conventional” view.

We do not provide investment banking, brokerage, or external asset management services. Our investments are our own and we do not provide investment or financial advice. We do share much of our work as a way to assist information discovery and collaboration.

Blue Catrpillar LLC is a Delaware LLC. Our address is Grand Street, New York, NY 10016

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