About Us

Blue Caterpillar LLC is active across a range of interests tied mostly to new business development & emerging technologies.   Our current focus includes:

  • Our independent technology research has been sourced by established institutions like Bloomberg, S&P, and Thomson Reuters, as well as emerging capital markets firms like SharePost (acquired by NASDAQ and now Forge). Today most of our work is focused on new issues at IPO Candy or SPAC IPO investments at SPACvest.
  • The SoundView TechFund is our family office investing vehicle.
  • I’ve done quite a bit of advisory work for non-US companies entering this market and enjoyed that. After 2008 I decided that it would be better to share content rather than take the hands-on approach – mainly due to the inherent scalability limits of personal consulting.
  • Private investing is mostly on the back burner now as the focus is on the existing portfolio. But it may become active again depending on exits and capital markets.

Blue Catrpillar LLC is a Delaware LLC and is currently headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky.

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