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Blue Caterpillar LLC is active across a range of interests tied mostly to new business development & emerging technologies.   Our current focus includes:

  • The SoundView TechFund initiated operations and started  investing in November 2011. Our aim is to make it the worlds finest actively managed fund investing in emerging technology. The fund will open to the public at the end of Q1 2012. See the SoundView Funds website for more information.
  • Our independent technology research firm, Research 2.0, is one of the leading independent providers of research and analysis on emerging technologies. It’s also used as the “research inside” notable sites like GigaOM Pro, SharesPost and IPO Candy. R2 also provides content directly to institutions both online and via distribution agreements with Bloomberg, S&P Capital IQ, Thomson Reuters and FactSet.
  • Over the years we have served dozens of small companies in an advisory capacity – mostly to focus on investor positioning and business development. We’ve consolidated those efforts into SoundView Advisory which provides a simple and effective way to dramatically improve investor positioning and enjoy many of the benefits of “street coverage” for a low fixed price.
  • We reinvest most of our excess capital in our own businesses, especially the SoundView TechFund. In time SoundView may begin to allocate some capital to private companies.
  • We’re big believers in the “mesh” business strategy that links what we do with other capable partners in adjacent services and markets. The internet is driving this model more and more and we welcome the chance to work with more partners who see the world in the same exciting way.

We hope you will sign up to receive updates from us via RSS or email.  We are located in Boston, New York and Paris.

Please contact us using our contact form.

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