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Research-Driven Investing

The greatest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance – it is the illusion of knowledge.

— Daniel Boorstin

What we do.

We start with themes and markets and drive through products, revenues, distribution, margins, and management teams to get to the ROIC metal.

  1. Invest our capital.
    Our research process aims to find things we can be right about. When we do, we invest in the companies offering great returns.
  2. Distill complexity into compelling ideas.
    New technologies and opportunities can be difficult to grasp fully and very hard to explain to a general audience. That’s often a good place to gain an edge.
  3. Share our work.
    Publishing your work is one of the best ways to strengthen and hone your research process and conclusions. Some we share broadly, and some only go to our network.
  4. Help companies with analysis, advice & connections.
    Most of our portfolio companies are small and have limited experience e with institutional investors. We try to help them get better.
  5. Build new connections, tools, and services.
    Our network gets stronger daily – both in size and fit with our portfolio companies. Sometimes we need better tools and services to do our job; when we do, we build them and share them with our network.